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Farmer Mommy Shave Beard Salon


Welcome to the Farmer Mommy Shave Beard Salon!!!! Let’s shave it and make hairy face go shine like a celebrity star. The farmer mommy seriously need a makeover! She looks so messy and hairy so let’s get your tools and shave some beards and give a complete makeover! Her face look dirty and hairy. shave beard, pluck hairs, tweeze, and pick your beard styles.This is a beard Salon. You could use your tools to make a lot of beard styles for the farmer mommy. Wash her beard with shampoo, and dry it carefully. And then shave mommy’s beard depend on her face shape. The mommy also want color her beard can you choose the best one for her?ShavingLet’s grab barber tools and begin shaving beard.
ColoringHelp the farmer mommy do a colorful beard.
Key Features:Shaving, hair removal, pimple popping and moreFacial treatments with complete barber toolsBrush beard and make your own mouthwash!A completely new makeover game for all kids.Snap a picture to show off your mommy’s new look!
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